Every director's dream is a tale of the road, and in the dream of every truck driver lies a Mercedes-Benz truck. When we decided to film the extraordinary tales of Mercedes-Benz truck drivers, we sat down at the wheel with acclaimed director Çağan Irmak.

For 50 years, when you think of trucks in Turkey you think of Mercedes-Benz. This great legacy is remembered through the incredible stories that have lived on the road for years and year.

The protagonists of these stories are the truck drivers themselves, and they're directed by one of Turkey's greatest directors, Çağan Irmak. Mercedes-Benz trucks play the lead role. Kayhan Yavuz wrote the screenplays for these three films which put the brand front and center. A man who longs to be home with his children, a young man with a crush on a girl he helped move, and a journalist investigating the secret of an owner whose vast fleet arose from nothing. All stories that strengthen the bond between drivers and the brand and grow its reputation in the eyes of viewers.

Mercedes-Benz, who has been in contact with these drivers for many years, was able to reach millions of viewers on social media while connecting with drivers through these films. What can we see... the road to successful communication travels through true stories, and may the road be open to everyone who knows it!

"Secret" works as much for its surprise ending as for the emotional tone it creates using the loneliness of the long road and the longing that comes with it.
"A Truckful of Love" tells the story of a young driver in love, and how he lives with his longing.
The third film in the series, "School of Life," is a story that goes back to find interesting details of the past. Çağan Irmak is one of the most skilled names in Turkish cinema, and these stories are filled with lively details and the wonderful production value of feature films... All together, through these films Mercedes-Benz has touched the hearts of millions of people on social media.