After the passing of Mustafa Koç, how was it that the millions of people who never knew him found common ground?

Mustafa V. Koç touched the lives of so many different sorts of people that his loss was felt by the entire country. Millions of people who'd never met him (and would hardly recognize him) came together at his funeral. This meant people found common ground with one another during one of the most divisive periods in Turkish history. Antrikot's philosophy of "We design culture, not just communication" was put into effect with our first product in the documentary film format: "Mustafa V. Koç: Dreams and Memories". This is how we decided to set the project in motion.

The script was written by Kayhan Yavuz, directed by Gökhan Mutlay and narrated by Nejat İşler. Many important members of the Koç family lent their memories to the documentary, especially including Ali Koç, Ömer Koç, Rahmi Koç and Caroline Koç, as well as Semahat Arsel, Çiğdem Simavi, İnan Kıraç, İpek Kıraç, Bülent Eczacıbaşı and Cem Boyner. By looking through years' worth of social media records, people who'd had the chance to meet with Mustafa Koç were found and their stories were made public after contacting them. Other friends of Mustafa Koç described the vitality of Mustafa Koç’s personality in full, from his high school years to university and from his hobbies to the relationships he formed.

The documentary uses only the voices of those who knew him, as well as thousands of images from the private archives of the Koç family (some seeing the light of day for the first time), all put together in a seamless visual experience. "Mustafa V. Koç: Dreams and Memories" offers those who never met him the chance to get to know him. This is the only documentary approved by the Koç family, and it truly reveals his unique personality.

He left behind as much as he lived in the moment. Mustafa Koç lived and helped others really live their lives as well. He felt, he helped others feel. He shared, he helped others share. He loved and was loved. "Mustafa V. Koç: Dreams and Memories" is a documentary in which even the trailer reveals his unique personality. It's our responsibility to candidly reflect all of this onto your screen.

Mustafa V. Koç left so many memories and traces behind him, and now that's all that's left to remember...