To tell the whole story of Tofaş’s 50-year history, we went to the beginning of the story, all the way back to the brand's childhood. Actually, back to all of our childhoods!

As we began to produce a video for Tofaş's 50-year anniversary event, we could have known that we'd encounter so many exciting stories that related with one another. There was everything! First of all were the dreams of Vehbi Koç for Turkey, then making the acquaintance of visionary Gianni Agnelli who made his mark on his age as well, and together they took the first steps towards igniting the automotive industry in Turkey with the first factory in Bursa. The cars that made their marks on generations: Murats, the Kuş Series, Doblos, Lineas and many other models. Support for research and development, sports, culture and education.

As for Tofaş’s story, as they started to try to find a workshop to produce sponges for the country, they learned how to produce automobiles and did so for the whole world thanks to the inspiring developments of Turkish engineers. There's so much pride in being part of a school, a team and a family.

In our seven and a half minute video, which was brought to life with Selçuk Yöntem's special voice, there is something for all of us. We need to have the determination not to give up on our hope, which lit the fire under us during our childhood, and to have the courage to challenge our boundaries and whatever else is necessary.